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na Definition: Not Applicable Not Applicable Government
NA Definition: Not Available Not Available Technology
NA Definition: National Archives National Archives Science
NA Definition: Native American Native American Chat and Slang
NA Definition: No Access No Access Technology
NA Definition: Numerical Aperture Numerical Aperture Technology
NA Definition: Narcotics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous Medical
NA Definition: National Association National Association Government
NA Definition: Network Architecture Network Architecture Technology
NA Definition: Network Aspects Network Aspects Technology
NA Definition: Not Authorized Not Authorized Military
na Definition: Nursing Assistant Nursing Assistant Medical
NA Definition: Namibia Namibia Locations
nA Definition: Nanoampere Nanoampere Science
NA Definition: Naphthalene Naphthalene Medical
NA Definition: Neutron Activation Neutron Activation Common
NA Definition: Next Action Next Action Science
NA Definition: Nicotinic Acid Nicotinic Acid Medical
NA Definition: North America North America Science
NA Definition: Not Assigned Not Assigned Technology

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