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IT Definition: Information Technology Information Technology Government
IT Definition: Italy Italy Military
IT Definition: Information Technologies Information Technologies Military
IT Definition: Information Theory Information Theory Medical
IT Definition: Identification Transponder Identification Transponder Science
IT Definition: Income Tax Income Tax Business
IT Definition: Industrial Technology Industrial Technology Science
IT Definition: Installation Test Installation Test Science
IT Definition: Institute of Technology Institute of Technology Education
IT Definition: Instrument Team Instrument Team Science
IT Definition: Instrument Test Instrument Test Science
IT Definition: Instrument Tree Instrument Tree Science
IT Definition: Insulating Transformer Insulating Transformer Common
IT Definition: Integral Transform Integral Transform Science
IT Definition: Intelligent Terminal Intelligent Terminal Technology
IT Definition: Internal Translator Internal Translator Technology
IT Definition: Internet Technology Internet Technology Technology
IT Definition: Interrogator-Transponder Interrogator-Transponder Common
IT Definition: Intertrochanteric Intertrochanteric Medical
it Definition: Intrathecal Intrathecal Medical

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