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HA Definition: Hour Angle Hour Angle Technology
HA Definition: Humanitarian Assistance Humanitarian Assistance Military
HA Definition: High Availability High Availability Technology
HA Definition: Holding Area Holding Area Military
HA Definition: Haiti Haiti Military
ha Definition: Headache Headache Medical
HA Definition: Health Advisory Health Advisory Science
HA Definition: High Altitude High Altitude Science
Ha Definition: Hahnium Hahnium Science
HA Definition: Hard Axis Hard Axis Common
HA Definition: Harmonic Approximation Harmonic Approximation Science
HA Definition: Hatch Act Hatch Act Science
HA Definition: Hazard Analysis Hazard Analysis Science
ha Definition: Health Authority Health Authority Medical
ha Definition: Hepatic Artery Hepatic Artery Medical
HA Definition: Hepatitis AA Hepatitis AA Medical
HA Definition: High Angle High Angle Military
HA Definition: Highly Available Highly Available Technology
HA Definition: Historical Association Historical Association Education
HA Definition: Humic Acid Humic Acid Science

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