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EC Definition: European Community European Community Science
EC Definition: European Commission European Commission Science
EC Definition: Environment Canada Environment Canada Science
EC Definition: Ecuador Ecuador Military
EC Definition: Electronic Combat Electronic Combat Military
EC Definition: Electronic Commerce Electronic Commerce Technology
EC Definition: Emulsifiable Concentrate Emulsifiable Concentrate Science
EC Definition: Engineering Council Engineering Council Science
EC Definition: Enzyme Commission Enzyme Commission Science
EC Definition: Error Control Error Control Military
EC Definition: Executive Committee Executive Committee Science
EC Definition: Effective Concentration Effective Concentration Science
EC Definition: Engine Control Engine Control Science
EC Definition: Engine Cutoff Engine Cutoff Science
EC Definition: Engineering Change Engineering Change Technology
EC Definition: Error Correction Error Correction Technology
EC Definition: Executive Council Executive Council Science
EC Definition: Early Childhood Early Childhood Education
EC Definition: Echo Canceller Echo Canceller Technology
EC Definition: Eddy Current Eddy Current Technology

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